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Jerry White

Jerry White

Jerry White

“Years ago I attended a liberal Christian college for my undergraduate degree that was affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Some professor didn't believe in the miracles that Jesus performed and would tell any of us who did that we were ignorant, stupid or something of that nature.  I had listen to this to the point that one day I just pulled my car over to the side of the road and began to ask God to help me.  Through my tears I made a determination that day that I was going with God and His Word, regardless of what the professors thought.

“After I graduated from college I began to look at seminaries.  My wife and I went to a seminary to see about enrolling.  After a disappointing meeting we got in our car and went home disgusted, discouraged and ready to give up.  Then someone told me about Luther Rice Seminary.  

“It wasn't long until I enrolled and realized I actually had professors who worked with me and cared about me.  They believed the Bible and wanted to help me be the best pastor and preacher I could be.  I have had the opportunity to teach Missions at Fruitland Baptist Bible College for almost 35 years now, and have been pastoring over 44 years.  God has allowed me to serve in our state as Convention President, a Trustee at Anderson University, and a Trustee with LifeWay Christian Resources.  I have been blessed to pastor some great people and churches over the years.  I do not believe I could have done any of these things without the training, encouragement, care and concern for me found at Luther Rice.  I will be eternally grateful to God for its influence in my life and so many others.”

Jerry C. White, Master’s and Doctorate Graduate