​​Information Technology FAQ

Students may email technology questions to the IT department at Infotech@LutherRice.edu


  • 1) Can I view a sample course in Blackboard?
  • 2) What is my username and password for Blackboard? 
  • 3) Access Blackboard without having to first go to the Luther Rice website. 
  • 4) How do I access my Luther Rice provided student email account?
  • ​5) Where can I find my professor's email address?
  • 6) What is my Student Login?
  • 7) Why am I unable to change my email address in my contact information?
  • 8) Where can I download Adobe Reader?
  • 9) Where can I download Windows Media Player?
  • 10) Where Do I View the Classes I am Enrolled in Blackboard?
  • 11) Does Luther Rice support Apple or Mac computers?