Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results

Luther Rice College and Seminary is committed to serving the church by providing biblically-based on-campus and distance education to Christian men and women for ministry with an end to granting undergraduate and graduate degrees. The primary function of a degree granting institution is its assessment of the student’s ability to demonstrate particular outcomes. Luther Rice has identified three distinct levels of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs); Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs); and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). Luther Rice performs quantitative and qualitative assessments of its learning outcomes. The following provides a summary of the assessment results.

Each assessment team assessed the summative assignments by utilizing a rubric specific to the corresponding learning outcome. The rubrics were created in order to assess student competency. Therefore, the rubrics were scaled from 1 (Incompetent) to 10 (Very Competent), with 5 representing Competent. In addition to the quantitative assessment, each team produced a qualitative report that contains recommendations for improvement.


Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report