Luther Rice Spotlight

As a Luther Rice student, graduate or constituent, you know the impact Luther Rice continues to have in the area of ministry.

You are our best recruiters. People trust you and your advice concerning Christian Higher Education.

We certainly hope that you will take a moment in an upcoming Sunday and share with your church the opportunities available at Luther Rice. Call it a Luther Rice Spotlight.

Click here to register your church for a Luther Rice Spotlight opportunity.

We understand that setting aside time in your church schedule for something new may be difficult. However, think of the impact you can make in the lives of your people by introducing them to a school like Luther Rice.

Take a minute and watch this brief video for more info and encouragement.  Afterwards, check out below how to get involved.

Interested? Let us help you:

Step 1: Register your event by clicking here.

Step 2: Plan your Spotlight moment

  • Set aside 3-5 minutes in your service to present a short video that we'll provide to you. We then ask that you share some brief facts or personal testimony about Luther Rice.
  • We will provide you with brochures to make available to your congretation. We ask that you make these available for those who are interested.
  • We would love for you to post a short Luther Rice video on your personal and/or church social media pages.

Step 3: Join us in prayer that the Lord will bless our collective efforts.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Vanessa Nealey at 770-484-1204 x5281 or