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Degree Programs

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Courses

Course #   Course Title   Description
AP 3901 Principles of Apologetics PDF
AP 3902 Survey of Apologetic Methods PDF
AP 3903 Apologetic Methods PDF
AP 3904 Principles of Apologetics PDF
AP 3905 Survey of Apologetic Methods PDF
AP 4900 Apologetics and God's Existence PDF
AP 4903 Apologetics and the Resurrection PDF
AP 4904 Defending the Christian Faith PDF
AP 4905 Cultural Apologetics PDF
BI 1200 Survey of Biblical Interpretation PDF
 BU 2500 Personal Finance PDF
 CO 2700 Principles of Counseling PDF
 CO 2701 Theories of Counseling PDF
 CO 3702 Methodology in Counseling PDF
 CO 4703 Marriage and Family Counseling PDF
 CO 4704 Vocational Counseling  PDF
 EN 1101 English Composition I PDF
 EN 1102 English Composition II PDF
 EN 2103 Public Speech PDF
 EN 2104 World Literature PDF
 EN 2105 British Literature PDF
 EV 3402 Personal Evangelism  PDF
 HI 1101 World Civilizations I PDF
 HI 1102 World Civilizations II PDF
 HI 2300 Survey Church History PDF
 MA 1600 College Algebra PDF
 MI 2400 Survey of Christian Missions PDF
 MP 1401 Preparation for Christian Ministry PDF
 MP 4403 Christian Ministry Practicum PDF
 MP 4404 Christian Service Practicum for Biblical Counseling PDF
 NT 1200 Survey of the New Testament  PDF
 NT 2201 Life of Christ PDF
 NT 2204 Gospel of John PDF
 NT 2205 Acts of the Apostles PDF
 NT 3206 Romans PDF
NT 3207 Corinthian Epistles PDF
 NT 3215 Pastoral Epistles PDF
 NT 4219 Hebrews PDF
 NT 4227 Revelation PDF
 OT 1200 Survey of the Old Testament  PDF
 OT 2201 Genesis PDF
 OT 2206 Joshua-Judges PDF
 OT 3228 Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi) PDF
OT 4214 Chronicles PDF
 PA 3401  Foundations of Pastoral Ministry PDF
 PM 3400 Principles of Ministerial Leadership PDF
 PM 4402 Principles of Bible Exposition PDF
 PA 4403 Principles of Church Administration PDF
 PH 1900 Philosophy and Critical Thinking PDF
PH 1901 Principles of Philosophy PDF
 PH 2901 Contemporary Moral Philosophy PDF
PM 3400 Principles of Ministerial Leadership PDF
PM 3401 Foundations of Pastoral Ministry PDF
PM 4402 Principles of Biblical Exposition PDF
PM 4403 Principles of Administration in Ministry PDF
PY 1701 Social Psychology PDF
PY 1702 Lifespan Development PDF
PY 2700 Theories of Personality PDF
PY 2701 The Integration of Christianity and Psychology PDF
PY 2702 Introduction to Psychological Theories and Therapies PDF
 PY 2703 Principles of Psychology PDF
PY 2704 Human Sexuality PDF
PY 3700 Introduction to Multicultural Counseling and Diverse Populations PDF
PY 3701 Research Methods and Statistics PDF
PY 3702 The Physiological Bases of Behavior PDF
PY 4700 The History and Systems of Psychology PDF
PY 4701 Learning and Cognition PDF
PY 4702 Abnormal Psychology PDF
PY 4703 Ethics in the Helping Professions PDF
 SC 1501 Physical Science PDF
 TH 3301 Survey of Theology I PDF
 TH 3302 Survey of Theology II PDF
 TH 4303 Christology PDF
TH 4305 The Doctrine of Creation PDF


Graduate Courses

Course # Course Title Description
 AP 5901  Foundations of Apologetics PDF
AP 5902 Faith and Reason PDF
 AP 5903 Science and Faith PDF
AP 5904 Apologetic Methods PDF
AP 5905 Biblical Apologetics PDF
 AP 5906 Theological Apologetics PDF
AP 6907 Apologetics and Miracles PDF
AP 6908 Apologetics and the Problem of Evil PDF
 AP 6909 Apologetics and Worldviews PDF
 AP 6910 Modern Religious Sects PDF
 AP 6911 Apologetics Capstone PDF
 BE 7404 Preparing an Expository Message PDF
 BE 7405 Delivering an Expository Message PDF
 BI 5201 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation PDF
 CM 7402 The Work of Ministry PDF
 CM 7406 Church Administration PDF
 CM 7407 Ministry Practicum PDF
 CO 5701 Introduction to Counseling Theories PDF
 CO 5702 Foundations in Counseling PDF
 CO 5703 Helping Skills PDF
 CO 5704 Marriage and Family Counseling PDF
 CO 6705 Issues, Ethics, and Legal Concerns for Counselors PDF
 CO 6706 Crisis Counseling  PDF
 CO 6707 Methodology for Counseling PDF
 CO 6708 Counseling Practicum PDF
 EV 7401 Personal and Church Evangelism  PDF
 GR 5201  New Testament Greek Grammar I PDF
 GR 5202 New Testament Greek Grammar II PDF
 GR 6203 Intermediate New Testament Greek PDF
 GR 6204 New Testament Greek Exegesis PDF
 HE 5201 Old Testament Hebrew Grammar I PDF
 HE 5202 Old Testament Hebrew Grammar II PDF
 HE 6203 Intermediate Old Testament Hebrew PDF
 HE 6204  Old Testament Hebrew Exegesis PDF
 HI 5311 Church History I: Early church era through the Renaissance Era PDF
 HI 5312 Church History II: Reformation through the Contemporary Era PDF
 LD 5801 Theories of Organizational Leadership PDF
LD 5802 Organizational Communication PDF
 LD 5803 Foundations of Leadership PDF
 LD 5804 Organizational Culture PDF
 LD 5805 Leader and Follower Development PDF
 LD 5806 Assessing Organizations PDF
 LD 6807 Strategic Planning PDF
 LD 6808 Conflict Resolution PDF
 LD 6809 Teams Development PDF
 LD 6810 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring PDF
 LD 6811 Leading in Global Contexts PDF
 LD 6812 Leadership Practicum PDF
 MI 7403 Christian Missions PDF
 NT 5200  Introduction to the New Testament PDF
 NT 6202  Gospel of Mark PDF
 NT 6204 Gospel of John PDF
 NT 6205 Acts of the Apostles PDF
 NT 6206 Romans PDF
 NT 6207 1 Corinthians PDF
 NT 6227 Revelation PDF
 OT 5200  Introduction to the Old Testament PDF
 OT 6201 Genesis PDF
OT 6218 Job PDF
OT 6219 Psalms PDF
 OT 6223 Isaiah PDF
 OT 6227 Daniel PDF
 PH 5904 Foundations of Ethics PDF
 PH 6907 Issues in Ethics PDF
 TH 5300 Applied Theology for Spiritual Development PDF
 TH 6301 Systematic Theology I PDF
 TH 6302 Systematic Theology II PDF
 TH 6303 Systematic Theology III PDF


Doctoral Courses

Course # Course Title Description
 DM 8000 Research and Writing for Ministry PDF
 DM 8100 Evangelism in Contemporary Culture PDF
 DM 8200 Issues in Counseling PDF
 DM 8300 Contemporary Preaching PDF
 DM 8400 Contemporary Leadership Development PDF
 DM 8500 Doctoral Ministry Project  PDF
DM 9000 Critical Issues in Ministry PDF
 DM 9100 Ethics in Ministry PDF
 DM 9200 Relationships in Ministry PDF
DM 9300 Innovative Pastoral Ministry PDF
 DM 9500 Doctoral Ministry Project PDF
LD 8800 A History of Leadership and Introduction to Academic Writing PDF
LD 8802 Leadership Theory and Research Design PDF
LD 8804 Organizational Theory and Diagnosis PDF
LD 8806 Leaders and Followers PDF
LD 8808 Leadership Values and Communication PDF
LD 8810 The Leader as Servant PDF
LD 8812 Research and Data Analysis PDF
LD 8814 Leading in Human Services PDF
LD 8816 The Leader as Teacher PDF
LD 8818 Leadership Coaching PDF
LD 8820 Leadership Team Building PDF
LD 8822 The Leader and Conflict Resolution PDF
LD 9800 Dissertation Problem Statement Identified PDF
LD 9801 Dissertation Prospectus PDF
LD 9802 Dissertation Literature Review PDF
LD 9803 Dissertation Proposal Writing and Defense PDF
LD 9804 Dissertation Writing and Research PDF
LD 9805 Dissertation Defense PDF