Ministry in the Marketplace

Christians are positioned all over the world engaged in ministry. This includes the church, the community, and the marketplace. With this in mind, the Luther Rice Board of Trustees recently voted to expand our mission to include the words “community” and “marketplace”:

The mission of Luther Rice College & Seminary is to serve the church and community by providing biblically based on-campus and distance education to Christian men and women for ministry and the marketplace with an end to granting undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Therefore, we are excited to announce that we have officially launched Phase I of our Ministry in the Marketplace degrees:


Christian men and women must be equipped to faithfully engage the church, community, and marketplace from a Christian worldview. 

Our communities and marketplaces are in desperate need of men and women who endure sound doctrine, are well trained in their areas of expertise, and are honest, trustworthy, and hardworking. We believe that Luther Rice is well equipped to meet these needs well into the future.

We take seriously God’s call on an individual’s life. Whether the call is realized in full-time ministry, bi-vocational ministry, or in the marketplace, Luther Rice wants to partner with anyone committed to furthering their education in view of their call. 

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