Student Handbook

Student Handbook

The 2019-2020 Student Handbook is available for your review.


Luther Rice has a great purpose, and you are a key ingredient.  We are so grateful that you have been led to attend Luther Rice to further your Christian education.

The Luther Rice model of education is explicitly biblical and thoroughly practical.  While having a commitment to the full authority and integrity of Scripture, Luther Rice also strives to formulate guiding biblical values for a lifetime of ministry.  We aim to see an understanding of and a genuine commitment to the lordship of Christ in one’s life as well as the development of social and interpersonal skills.

While you are a student here, we want to make sure you are nurtured and encouraged.  This handbook will provide you with the pertinent information, policies, procedures, and services of this institution.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with our school catalog.  I recommend you keep it close for ready reference.

Our prayer is that your experience here at Luther Rice will be a time of spiritual, intellectual, and social development as God works in and through us all for His glory.


Steve Pray, Ed.S., Director of Student Affairs