Pastor Bootcamp

Luther Rice College and Seminary understands the challenges and struggles that many bi-vocational and small church pastors experience. Although not an exhaustive list, lack of time and/or funds may be the hindrances to completing a college or seminary degree. Equipped with insight and foresight, Luther Rice has crafted an online Pastor Bootcamp with these individuals in mind. 

The undergraduate and graduate Pastor Bootcamps consist of three stackable Certificates. The certificates provide the foundational biblical and practical framework needed by a pastor to rightly handle the Word of God and shepherd a congregation. Each Certificate consists of three courses for a total of nine courses to complete the Bootcamp.

Credits earned in each Certificate can be transferred into a full undergraduate or graduate degree here at Luther Rice if you wish to further your education.

Below are the details pertaining to the Bootcamps. For questions, please contact Dr. Marcus Merritt by email, or by phone, 770.484.1204 x5283.

Undergraduate Pastor Bootcamp

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies
    • BI 1200 - Survey of Biblical Interpretation
    • OT 1200 - Survey of the Old Testament
    • NT 1200 - Survey of the New Testament                        


  2. Certificate in Theology
    • TH 3301 - Survey of Theology I
    • TH 3302 - Survey of Theology II
    • TH 4303 - Christology


  3. Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
    • PM 3400 - Principles of Ministerial Leadership
    • PM 3401 - Foundations of Pastoral Ministry
    • PM 4403 - Principles of Administration to Ministry

Graduate Pastor Bootcamp

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies
    • BI 5201 - Introduction to Biblical Interpretation 
    • OT 5200 - Introduction to Old Testament
    • NT 5200 - Introduction to New Testament


  2. Certificate in Theology
    • TH 6301 - Systematic Theology I
    • TH 6302 - Systematic Theology II
    • TH 6303 - Systematic Theology III


  3. Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
    • EV 7401 - Personal and Church Evangelism
    • CM 7402 - The Work of Ministry
    • CM 7406 - Church Administration