​​Information Technology FAQ

Students may email technology questions to the IT department at Infotech@LutherRice.edu.

All current students should be using their Luther Rice webmail account - referred to as Google Apps.  This is where you will receive official correspondence from Luther Rice College & Seminary.  It is the student's responsibility to check this account on a regular basis.  The URL for checking your Luther Rice student email is mail.student.lutherrice.edu/.

The username is your first and last name (separated by a period) formatted (example: john.smith. The initial default password is lutherrice. This password should be changed the first time you access your account. Your full Luther Rice email address will be formatted as john.smith@student.lutherrice.edu

Typically all professor's email addresses are their Firstname.Lastname@LutherRice.edu.  For instance if your professor's name is Rusty Ricketson his email address would be Rusty.Ricketson@LutherRice.edu.  View the full-time faculty members email addresses.

Username for student login is your student email address.

Each new student is set up with a Luther Rice email address and password upon acceptance.  The first time you log in you will use the password provided to you by Luther Rice, which was in the information sent to you by the Admissions Office when you were accepted.  You will be required to change this initial password for security purposes - this new password will then be used each time you log in.

*Please note that passwords are case sensitive.*

All students are to use the Luther Rice student email address for correspondence with Luther Rice.  The email field is read-only and cannot be changed.  See "FAQ 4: How do I access my Luther Rice provided Student Email" to learn how to login to your student email account.  As of 2011, all new students receive a new email address firstname.lastname@student.lutherrice.edu.


At the Free Downloads page.  Adobe Reader is used to view PDF documents.

At the Free Downloads page . Windows Media Player will allow you to listen to your MP3 lectures from professors.

We are not able to support Apple/Mac operating systems.  Many students use Apple or Mac computers, but our IT staff are not positioned to assist with those.  We are able to offer limited assistance for Windows users, but can only do so on a best effort basis.  All students are expected to have working computers to complete their online work.