We want to be your partner in ministry. Therefore, we are asking that you SEND US YOUR ONE.

Since 97% of our graduates report that their Luther Rice education improved the quality of their ministry service, it’s no surprise that over 45% of our students attend Luther Rice as a result of a personal referral

I am certain that you know of ONE individual (maybe more) who would benefit from a Luther Rice education in the near future.

I personally want to talk with your referral!  SEND US YOUR ONESend Us Your One Referral Link

For your efforts, we’ll:

  • Waive the $50 application fee for your referral(s)
  • Scholarship the $175 Tech Fee for your referral’s 1st class

Please take a moment and visit our secure SEND US YOUR ONE link to provide us with your referral’s information (don’t forget to get their permission to do so). 

Serving Him,

President Steven Steinhilber

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