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Policies and Procedures for all Users

Computer and Technology Use Policies and Procedures

Blackboard on your Mobile Device

Access the BLACKBOARD MOBILE APP selection above for details.

Request Tech Support

If you need to contact student tech support for assistance please use email  This will create a support ticket and is the most effective way to get issues resolved.  Multiple support staff monitor this ticketing system.

Windows Computers Technical Help

For information on required software, cookies, cache, and other Windows related questions please access the MICROSOFT WINDOWS selection above.

Is your Windows computer slow?  Our IT staff highly recommend installing these two applications:

Webroot Antivirus/Anti-spyware at*

PCMatic available at

* If you choose to install Webroot Antivirus/Anti-spyware, be sure to uninstall ALL other antivirus software applications from your computer after you have successfully installed Webroot.

Apple/MAC Computers

Luther Rice uses Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10.  The IT staff are not prepared to assist with any other operating systems.  Some of our students successfully use an Apple/Mac computer.  Please be aware that you MUST download and install Mozilla Firefox browser, in order to use our online classroom system. 

By default, Apple/Mac computers and iOS devices come with the Safari internet browser installed.  The Safari browser, by default, will not work with our online system.  However, you can choose to ENABLE 3rd Party cookies within the Safari settings, then it should work.  Our advice is to use the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser whenever you are accessing our online system (Blackboard).