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About Us



Lakeisha Courtney

Library Assistant

Lakeisha.Courtney@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5271


Heather Futch

Student Accounts Manager

Heather.Futch@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5286


Jake McMillian

Academic Advisor

Jake.McMillian@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5517


Vanessa Nealey

Executive Assistant to the President

Vanessa@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5281


Laura Powell

Marketing & Recruiting Manager

Laura.Powell@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5278


Patience Solomon

Financial Aid Student Assistant

Patience.Solomon@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5287


Tinie Solomon

Information Assistant

Tinie.Solomon@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5519


Bryan Spradlin


Bryan.Spradlin@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5282


Kenny Stokes

Network Support

Kenny.Stokes3@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5513


Cody Stubbs

Video Production Specialist

Cody.Stubbs@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5585


Joseph Washington

Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs

Joseph.Washington@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5695