Request a Speaker

We desire to serve the body of Christ by providing leaders with speaker options for your special event or retreat.  If you see a speaker you would like to engage, please contact the speaker directly.  All details of the speaking engagement are the responsibility of the host and the speaker.

Below, we have listed gifted men and women who enjoy public speaking and are willing to be used of the Lord to serve in this manner.  The following guides are designed to help you plan and build effective programs for your congregation or organization.  It offers information on a variety of resources available to you through Luther Rice College & Seminary.

Speakers listed in this guide would be appropriate for adult forums, Bible studies, workshops, retreats and seminars.  Whether you only need one speaker for a single occasion, or are planning a series around a certain topic, be creative in combining ideas and individuals.

Nearly everyone listed in this guide has both voice mail and email.  You may contact the speakers directly.  Please note, many speakers are booked months in advance, so be sure to contact them early.

Listed below are those faculty available to speak and their topics of expertise.  Click on the professor's name to view their biographies and contact information.

D. Scott Henderson, Ph.D.

The Ethics of Death and Dying, Definitions of Death and Organ Donation, The Ethics of Genetics and Reproductive Technologies, If God is Great & God is Good, why Evil?, Miracles: The True and the False, The Apologetic Value of Near - Death Experiences, Changing the Habits of Doing Business (Business Ethics), Responding to the Bible's Critics Contextually. Bio link.

Jim Kinnebrew, Ph.D.

Reasons to Believe (Apologetics), Prophecy (Eschatology), Prayer, "Your Story--His Glory" (Spiritual Formation), Bible Book Studies, Doctrinal Studies, Pulpit Supply, Conferences, Revivals. Bio link.

David Mapes, Ph.D.

Eschatology-God's Plan for the Future, Kingdom of God, Creation, Trinity/Incarnation, Aspects of Salvation, Loving God/Sanctification. Bio link.

Rusty Ricketson, Ph.D.

Resolving Conflict in your organization, How to develop Courageous Followers, The 99% - The power of followers within an organization, Creating Satisfaction and Performance, Be a Leader Worth Following, The Influence Bridge, Forgive And....Forgive Again. Bio Link.

Prof. Tim Skinner

Prophecy and End-times, Israel in Bible Prophecy, The New Age Movement/New Spiritualities, Bible Interpretation (Hermeneutics), How to Study the Bible. Bio link.


Normally an honorarium is provided to the presenter.  In addition, the host group typically reimburses mileage at the current IRS rate and also the cost of any lodging and meals if needed.  The institution itself does not charge for speakers.  Please manage compensation directly with the presenter.